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Graying of the HIV epidemic: a challenge for inpatient medicine providers Ché Matthew Harris, Robin McKenzie, Seema Nayak, Dmitry Kiyatkin, Dorcas Baker, Flora Kisuule
Critical gastrointestinal bleed due to secondary aortoenteric fistula Mohammad U. Malik, Enver Ucbilek, Amanpreet S. Sherwal
A widened pulse pressure: a potential valuable prognostic indicator of mortality in patients with sepsis Hassan Al-khalisy, Ivan Nikiforov, Manjit Jhajj, Namratha Kodali, Pramil Cheriyath
Kaposi sarcoma can also involve the heart Mohamad Hani Lababidi, Hazem Alhawasli, Nkemakolam Iroegbu
Left ventricular outflow track obstruction and mitral valve regurgitation in a patient with takotsubo cardiomyopathy Yin Wu, WuQiang Fan, Laura Chachula, Gary Costacurta, Rajeev Rohatgi, Farhad Elmi
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy precipitated by delirium tremens Chidozie Charles Agu, Ahmed Bakhit, Md Basunia, Bikash Bhattarai, Vikram Oke, Divya Salhan, Frances Schmidt
Spontaneous coronary artery dissection: a case series and literature review Nelson A. Telles Garcia, Abul N. Khan, Ratna C. Boppana, Hayden L. Smith
Treatment and pathogenesis of acute hyperkalemia Yelena Mushiyakh, Harsh Dangaria, Shahbaz Qavi, Noorjahan Ali, John Pannone, David Tompkins
Imaging of carotid artery dissection Mansoor Mozayan, Carlton Sexton
Modified Early Warning System improves patient safety and clinical outcomes in an academic community hospital Chirag Mathukia, WuQiang Fan, Karen Vadyak, Christine Biege, Mahesh Krishnamurthy
Sister Mary Joseph’s nodule in a patient with metastatic small cell lung cancer Sushil Ghimire, Smith Giri, Ranjan Pathak, Mike G. Martin

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