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Editor's Notes Robert P. Ferguson
Correlation between MMI performance and OSCE performance - a pilot study Adetokunbo Oluwasanjo, Thomas Wasser, Richard Alweis
The power of anecdotes on resident HVCCC curriculum Paragkumar Patel, Wuquiang Fan, David Livert, Mahesh Krishnamurthy
Renal infarct: a rare disease due to a rare etiology Divya Akshintala, Saurabh K. Bansal, Vamsi Krishna Emani, Manajyoti Yadav
Mycotic aneurysm in a turtle hunter: brief review and a case report Harsha Moole, Vamsi Krishna Emani, Shweta Ramsahai
Late onset seroma post-thymectomy presenting as cardiac tamponade Dilli Ram Poudel, Smith Giri, Ranjan Pathak, Mohamed Morsey, Shadwan Alsafwah
Treatment and pathogenesis of acute hyperkalemia Yelena Mushiyakh, Harsh Dangaria, Shahbaz Qavi, Noorjahan Ali, John Pannone, David Tompkins
Lack of efficacy of ergocalciferol repletion Amal Kebede, Corey Ephrussi, Meredith Lamanna, Jorge Scheirer, Richard Alweis, Thomas Wasser
A prediction model for COPD readmissions: catching up, catching our breath, and improving a national problem Bravein Amalakuhan, Lukasz Kiljanek, Arvin Parvathaneni, Michael Hester, Pramil Cheriyath, Daniel Fischman
Imaging of carotid artery dissection Mansoor Mozayan, Carlton Sexton
Valsalva maneuver: shortest optimal expiratory strain duration Ramesh K. Khurana, Deepika Mittal, Norman H. Dubin


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