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JCHIMP - an idea whose time has come Robert P. Ferguson, Richard Alweis
Design of a clinical competency committee to maximize formative feedback Anthony A. Donato, Richard Alweis, Suzanne Wenderoth
Effects of time and day of admission on the outcome of critically ill patients admitted to ICU Jose Orsini, Salil Rajayer, Noeen Ahmad, Nanda Din, Joaquin Morante, Ryan Malik, Ahmed Shim
Clozapine-Associated Cardiac Dysfunction During a Gastroenteritis Outbreak Anthony M. Szema, Charles Marboe, Paul Fritz, Tram N.B. Nguyen
Falsely elevated troponin: rare occurrence or future problem James Nguyen, Rosy Thachil, Neil Vyas, Thomas Marino
Abdominal pain - learning when not to intervene! Niranjan Tachamo, Bidhya Timilsina, Salik Nazir, Saroj Lohani
A rare case of lamotrigine-induced acute interstitial nephritis Atul Matta, Nour Abou Assalie, Rajib K. Gupta, Maria del Pilar Morales, Ricardo Conti
Spontaneous complete remission of type 1 diabetes mellitus in an adult - review and case report Harsha Moole, Vishnu Moole, Adrija Mamidipalli, Sowmya Dharmapuri, Raghuveer Boddireddy, Deepak Taneja, Hady Sfeir, Sonia Gajula
A widened pulse pressure: a potential valuable prognostic indicator of mortality in patients with sepsis Hassan Al-khalisy, Ivan Nikiforov, Manjit Jhajj, Namratha Kodali, Pramil Cheriyath
Modified Early Warning System improves patient safety and clinical outcomes in an academic community hospital Chirag Mathukia, WuQiang Fan, Karen Vadyak, Christine Biege, Mahesh Krishnamurthy
Implementation of a heart failure readmission reduction program: a role for medical residents Jennifer Rabbat, Daniel R. Bashari, Rajnish Khillan, Manisha Rai, Jose Villamil, Julie M. Pearson, Archana Saxena

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