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Mixed adenocarcinoma and neuroendocrine prostate cancer: a case report Rittu Hingorani, Jessica Young, Richard Alweis
Sickle cell trait: not as benign as once thought Uqba Khan, Lauren Kleess, Justin Yeh, Charles Berko, Sapna Kuehl
Transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis: an under-diagnosed cause of heart failure Gabriela Molina O., Daniel Judge, Wayne Campbell, Harjit Chahal, Marc Mugmon
Before it crumbles: Fulminant Hepatic Failure secondary to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Paras Karmacharya, Naresh Bhandari, Madan R. Aryal, Aashrayata A. Pandit, Ranjan Pathak, Sailu Ghimire, Pragya Shrestha, Vijaya R. Bhatt
A major pain in the . . . Back and epigastrium: an unusual case of spontaneous celiac artery dissection Kumkum Sarkar Patel, Orel Benshar, Raluca Vrabie, Anik Patel, Marc Adler, George Hines
Treatment and pathogenesis of acute hyperkalemia Yelena Mushiyakh, Harsh Dangaria, Shahbaz Qavi, Noorjahan Ali, John Pannone, David Tompkins
Lack of efficacy of ergocalciferol repletion Amal Kebede, Corey Ephrussi, Meredith Lamanna, Jorge Scheirer, Richard Alweis, Thomas Wasser
A prediction model for COPD readmissions: catching up, catching our breath, and improving a national problem Bravein Amalakuhan, Lukasz Kiljanek, Arvin Parvathaneni, Michael Hester, Pramil Cheriyath, Daniel Fischman
Imaging of carotid artery dissection Mansoor Mozayan, Carlton Sexton
Valsalva maneuver: shortest optimal expiratory strain duration Ramesh K. Khurana, Deepika Mittal, Norman H. Dubin


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